Baby Shower Checklist – 9 Steps

Planning a baby shower can be a lot of fun, but it can also be quite stressful if you have never done any event planning before, hence, the solution – baby shower checklist.

Below is a baby shower checklist of the nine most crucial elements in planning a baby shower, or any major event for that matter.


1) Date. The first thing you need to decide for any event or party you are planning is when it is going to be held, and baby showers are no exception. One of the main goals of a shower, especially for a first time mother, is to prepare her for the baby’s arrival. Guests usually bring gifts such as baby clothing, cribs, diapers, strollers, car seats, bottles, pacifiers, and other items a mother might find helpful when taking care of her newborn. For this reason, baby showers are usually held before the baby is born, but there are a few women who are superstitious and think that it is bad luck to have a baby shower until after the baby has arrived. Make sure to check with the mother-to-be and see when she would like to have her shower.

2) Location. It is best not to have the baby shower at the new mother or mother-to-be’s house so she won’t be burdened with cleaning up afterwards.

3) Time. Discuss whether she would like the shower to be in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Remember to take meal times into consideration. For example, if you have the shower at noon, guests will probably come expecting to have lunch. If you are only planning on having cake or light snacks, don’t plan to have the event during times that are generally considered to be lunch or dinner hours.

Baby Shower Checklist



4) Guest List. You need to decide whom you are going to invite to the event. Get a list from the mother-to-be of all the people she wants to include at her shower. Typically baby showers are a “girls only” event, but some women may prefer to include men as well. Another aspect to decide is if you are going to ‘allow’ children. Of course, new babies will have to come, but some mum’s prefer to leave toddlers and the older children at home or with a sitter so it is best if there is an agreement all round on this.

5) Invitations. Once you have your date, time, location, and guest-list down, you need to make sure to send out invitations. Make sure you include baby registry information so guests can see what the mother needs for her new baby and what she already has. Also make sure guests know who to RSVP to. If you want you can buy cards or you can make up something original on the computer.

6) Theme. Obviously the main theme is babies, but for decoration purposes you might want to choose a sub-theme. For example, if the child is a boy, you might want to have a simple “blue” theme and have blue plates, napkins, streamers, and other decorations. Other fun decorating themes can include dinosaurs, teddy bears, trucks, or other things normally associated with little boys.

7) Food. Plan appetizers or maybe even a light lunch or breakfast for your guests. Cake is a must, so decide what kind you would like to get and whether you are going to make it yourself or order one from a bakery. Also try to have the cake color or design tie in with the theme of the shower.

8) Entertainment. Plan some games for the guests to enjoy. There are thousands of popular baby shower games that you can find online, or you can make up your own. Interactive games are really good because not everyone knows everyone else at a baby shower and the idea is to have people meet others before the wedding day.

9) Itinerary. To make sure your shower goes off without a hitch, make a rough plan of when you are going to do the activities you have planned. For example, once everyone has arrived you might have one of the games where people learn each others names and then time could be spent mingling and eating. After that the games could be played when everyone is more relaxed and wrap up the day with the mother opening her gifts. The shower should run about two hours to three hours.

Have fun! Remember to relax a little, and don’t stress so much over the details that you are unable to enjoy yourself. New babies make everyone happy, so even if your baby shower does not go as perfectly as you planned, chances are your guests will still have a good time, and the mother-to-be will be more than grateful for all your help! I just love watching a new mum opening her presents because she is so excited and can’t wait for her new baby to arrive.

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