Baby Shower Decorations the Modern Way

Baby shower decorations have a long, proud tradition in our society today. They are cemented in the public consciousness as a classic means through which to celebrate one of the biggest milestones in a woman’s life. With the modern-day party industry in full swing, prospective baby shower hosts are guaranteed to have no shortage of ideas on throwing the best bash possible for the mommy-to-be.

In recent years, however, showers have garnered a somewhat unflattering reputation among today’s younger, hipper set. It is not uncommon for some people to positively dread receiving a shower invite. This is often due to the long-held conventions that pigeonhole baby showers as being twee, syrupy ordeals for everyone involved.


Baby shower decorations


Baby shower decorations


Baby shower decorations


Baby shower decorations


If you are growing weary of all the same old motifs of baby clothes, storks and streamers in pastel hues of pink or blue, then have no fear. Today’s forward-thinking party planners are out on a mission to create plans and schemes for baby shower decorations that won’t pummel guests with their cloying quality. If you want to give your next shower a more timely overhaul, sometimes all it takes is a little out-of-the-box thinking.

Before you actually go out and buy your supplies, though, first you must consider your party’s budget and venue. Can you afford a professional party planner, or does your budget barely cover the supplies you’d need to adorn a single room? If you can’t find any store-bought supplies to your liking, you can always opt to work on devising your own baby shower decorations. This is assuming you commence your preparations for the shower at least one month in advance of the date itself.

This next major planning phase for your baby shower decorations can be done either during or after your budget deliberations.


This is the brainstorming for your baby shower’s actual look. Modern showers can have anything from a full-on high-concept theme to a more elegant look based on timeless motifs. For best results, you can go for an overall shower vibe that fits in with the personality of the guest of honor. If the date of the baby shower coincides with a major holiday, you can also draw inspiration from you favorite examples of holiday decor. This poses the added benefit of making the brainstorming process easier for idea-strapped party hosts.

Once you have the groundwork for your shower ironed out, it helps to start with the basics. These typically cover the classic elements you can find at most any party, including banners, balloons, streamers, confetti and party favors. Find decorations kitted out in basic colors and motifs that go well with your party vision. Some resourceful baby shower hosts may also make use of inventive, nontraditional decorating elements such as candles, flowers, and even handmade paper crafts.

When buying your decorating supplies, see to it that you have more than enough in case of emergencies. Remember, though, that the philosophy “Less is more” also applies to party decorations. The decorations must be done tastefully without detracting too much attention from the guest of honor herself.

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