Baby Shower Food Ideas For a Boy or a Girl

When it comes to coming up with baby shower food ideas, there are many directions you can go to. You can base the food from the theme so that the party will have a sense of continuity. You can also hire a catering service to prepare all the food and to handle service for the guests. With food choices, you can go with traditional meals or you try some outrageous and exotic dishes. There are so many things you can choose and one of them is to prepare food for a specific gender of a baby. The menu is more focused but you can still do a variety of things.


Baby Shower Food Ideas








First are suggestions if you are expecting a baby girl. Society has told people that the color that symbolizes the girl the most is the color pink. Taking the direction from there, you can prepare all your food literally bathing in pink. Traditional baby showers include a platter of vegetables with dip. A tray is composed of tomatoes, carrots, onions, asparagus, and other veggies. Creativity comes to play when you make the dip. Usual dips are based in cheese and all you need to do is to add food coloring to achieve a pinkish color.

The drinks for a girl baby shower should be easy enough since there are plenty of drinks that exhibit the color pink. Take your pick from a grapefruit juice, pink lemonade, or even a strawberry milkshake. These are easy to make and your guests will surely recognize them. Like the beverages, pink desserts are fairly easy to concoct. For one, a simple strawberry is already something to die for and could be an instant hit among the guests. You can be more creative when making pastries or cookies because you can use food coloring on the icing.

As for a boy,you should focus more on the color blue. As with pink, blue is different because a lot of people don’t think that there are a lot dishes made with the color blue. Like preparing for a girl shower, you can also rely on food coloring. A blue dip will entice your guests into the buffet table and ask what the dip is made of. However, you can still be creative and not depend on food coloring. There are a lot of products in a market that have blue in them. For one, there are blue corn chips which can be used for appetizers. To go along with the chips is a blue cheese dressing. It may be a different color but it is still has the word blue in it. There are also blue potatoes which are perfect for making French fries or mashed potatoes. For dessert, you can always depend on a traditional blueberry pie to hit the mark. It’s something everyone will surely like. The drinks in the party don’t have to be alcoholic though there are a lot of blue vodka drinks out there. A blue punch or blue lemonade can be enjoyed by the guests.

Baby shower food ideas for either a boy or a girl are a chance for you to be creative.


You can explore the colors of pink or blue to come with exciting dishes, drinks, and desserts.

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