Baby Shower Invitations For Twins

Baby Shower Invitations For Twins


Now you will have to find baby shower invitations for twins that will impress all those invited to the event, including the soon-to-be mother.

You can easily walk into a baby store and purchase shower invitations; however, if you are looking for something fun and unique, you will need to get your hands on some custom shower invitations. If you have been praised before for your creative skills, you can choose to create the invitations for the baby event yourself.


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A fun idea on baby shower invitations for twins is to send the guests two of the same invitations for the same shower, label the invitations (For example 1 of 2, and 2 of 2), and then you should mail both of them at the same time.


If you know the babies’ sex, you could send two different custom shower invitations showing the sex of the babies. You can also add catchy and possibly humorous wording to the invitations. However, if the babies are the same sex, you should use identical twin baby shower invitations. In cases such as these, you can go to the local baby store and purchase some of the store bought invitations; you can then get creative by purchasing small accessories to add to them.

Another great idea for baby shower is custom baby shower cards is to not use the conventional paper invitations. Using ring box invitations will take more effort and time; however, the invitations will be very unique, and it will be great for the expectant mother to add one of them to her baby book. You are going to need some small boxes that look very much like ring boxes; however, they are slightly larger.

These boxes should be large enough so that two pacifiers will be able to fit in each box; if you are aware of the babies’ sex, you should try using miniature baby dolls. You should then tie both of the pacifiers together; if you know the babies’ sex, you should then tie the miniature baby dolls to the pacifiers, and then put them in a box. This is a great idea for custom twin baby shower invitations ideas, and it certainly something that both the expectant mother and the guests will remember.

Prior to sending out the twin baby shower invitations, you need to ensure that the invitations have all the necessary information such as: the name of the individual responsible for RSVP, RSVP contact number, the theme of the of the party (if there is one) and the date and venue of the shower.