Cheap Baby Shower Decorations

With prices so steep nowadays, many parents have hesitations on hosting baby shower parties and looking for alternative cheap baby shower decorations instead. Some of them see these as lucrative ways of spending money. Nevertheless, since most parents would like to have shared the joy of future parenthood, some experts have conducted some ways on how to make the event more affordable for the low-budget parents. Here’s how:

1. Baby items

If you do not have the budget to buy those cute but expensive baby shower decorations, you can always settle on the cheap baby shower decorations.


cheap baby shower decorations


cheap baby shower decorations


cheap baby shower decorations


cheap baby shower decorations


cheap baby shower decorations


For example, instead of buying expensive banners to hang on the party venue, you can create a personalized banner with baby’s items hanging on it. You can use clothes, bottles, diapers, etc. The idea is to create a banner that will let the people know that the party is very special because you are celebrating your baby’s forthcoming birth.

2. Baby favors

You can use baby shower favors as decorations and party favors. If you want to have cheap baby shower decorations on the party, you can use your favors as decorations as well.

For example, you can use baby booties and fill them with candies or mini chocolates. Before sending them out to friends and families, try hanging them in the ceiling. These will make cute decorations while incorporating the whole baby shower ambiance in the venue. After the party, you can give these decorations as give away.

3. Baby shower invitations

You can also use baby shower invitation cards as decorations. If you can personally create designs on your PC, you can make personalized baby shower invitations without having to spend more than what you can afford.

The good thing about it is that you can also use them as decorations. Cheap baby shower decorations do not have to be decorative items or ornaments alone. You can have double purpose on these things and baby shower invitations are good examples.

4. Center table displays

You can use a little of your artistic talent by carving some decorative designs on fruits and other food items and use them as displays on the center table. Of course, the designs must be patterned on things that will best represent your baby. You can carve out boy’s items if it will be a baby boy or girl’s stuffs for baby girl.

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