Cheap Baby Shower Favors With Some Creativeness

If you are trying to save a little extra money here and there on your next baby shower here are some useful ideas that you can implement to save money. It is easy to find tons of cheap baby shower favors that can save money but still don’t look cheap. You want to do this carefully, pay attention and take some time to think what will work for you. Do not just jump on an idea of baby shower favor because it is cheap. Instead spend some time thinking about the theme of the shower and ways you can save money to come up with a high quality baby shower favor for a low price.

These are all ideas that you can use to cut corners and make cheap baby shower favors yet still have a quality favor that you can be proud of passing out to guests.


Cheap Baby Shower Favors



Cheap Baby Shower Favors


Cheap Baby Shower Favors


Cheap Baby Shower Favors


Cheap Baby Shower Favors


Buy In Bulk

That is right buying in bulk can save a great deal of money. This is a concept that stores like Sam’s Club and Costco are very familiar with they allow their members to buy 50 rolls of toilet paper at one time instead of 20 and pass the savings on to you. Anytime you can buy in a larger quantity you will save big money on the individual items. So look around and see what types of favors you can buy in bulk. In this case it is typically better to purchase something that is non-perishable and something that will last forever. That way if the items to not get all used up right away they can be kept for later use or even sold. For example a person might buy some beautiful vanilla scented candles for the favors. They only have 35 guests coming but buying 50 candles will be a significant discount per item. So buy the extra candles sue what you need and then sell the rest at a yard sale or better yet on eBay! Some fun items that you can purchase in bulk and keep around extras or sell are things like candles, soaps, silk flowers, and many other non-perishable items. Chocolate is even a great idea just be careful not to eat the extras.

Buy Online

There are a variety of stores and places to purchase online for example you can purchase a ton of great things for a baby shower favor on eBay. There are also many websites that cater specifically to party favors and will have ideas and great discounts on baby shower favors. Often if you purchase in bulk and combine this with buying in the off season it is very easy to purchase inexpensive baby shower favors sometimes for pennies on the dollar. Look for overstock, off season, or discontinued items. Also ask the company if they offer any bulk discounts. Due to a lower overhead and operating costs online companies and websites are often able to make some great deals with the customer. Again just make sure you are buying well in advance even up to 6 months or more and then try to scout out the great deals and buy off season products. For example you might know that the shower will be in June and the theme is going to be beach theme. Well right now as the snowfalls outside it is very easy to find a ton of deeply discounted summer items from many websites.


Do the Work

Often when you purchase online or in bulk you might need to do a little work at home yourself. You might purchase the 50 vanilla scented candles spoken of above and then wrap them all individually with a beautiful bow and a customized thank you card with the guests name written on it. By adding small touches of personalization, ribbon and wrapping paper you can really take your gifts to the next level and make them look like a million bucks. No one has to know that you only paid 1.00 for the candle and maybe .10 cents for the bow they will think you purchased premium top of the line candles and be very impressed. So by adding little touches or personalization and doing a little of the work your self you can save big amounts of money.



Another way to cut costs is to make something homemade. For example you can make candles, jams, jellies, soaps, chocolates or beautiful scented sachets. Either way by assembling at home and making some of the parts yourself you can save big. This might mean you still buy in bulk and purchase parts of the inexpensive baby shower favor in the off season but you can then combine and or make part of the gift also to save money.

No matter what method or items you plan on purchasing for the baby shower favor the most important advice is to start early. In fact you really can not start early enough if you want to purchase for the deposits discounts on in demand products. So start early and avoid the pressure and hassle of last minute power buying just to get the job done. Also try to think first of the theme for the shower and then decide on the favor. One last thing to remember don’t hesitate to ask about discounts. Especially if you are purchasing online no one is going to offer a deeper discount unless you ask!


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