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Creative Ideas For Baby Shower Gifts


Being invited to a baby shower of a friend or family member is always a pleasure, as it simply shows that she wants you to be there with at her baby shower. But what if you are a first-timer? How will you pick a creative baby shower gift that will stand out above other? Sometimes, finding unique baby shower gifts for guests take a bit of time than buying traditional gifts, but the payoff is usually well worth it.


Ideas For Baby Shower Gifts



Ideas For Baby Shower Gifts



Ideas For Baby Shower Gifts


If you are opting for a unique baby shower gift, here are some creative ideas you can keep in mind.


1. Think outside the box.

This is always a requirement if you really like to give a unique baby present. Be crafty and creative. Go to a local craft store and find items that you can use in making a unique baby present. You can also find ready-made items that look unique such as burp cloths that were trimmed in ribbon or can be embroidered with the baby’s name, initials, or birth date. But if you are truly a skillful type and knows hot knit, why not use it to knit a cute baby hat or booties? If you also know how to crochet, a crocheted baby blanket would also make a creative ideas for baby shower gift. Other creative baby gift ideas that are easy to make include diaper cakes and baby gift baskets.


2. Personalize your gift.

A good baby present should memorable and worth to cherish for years to come. For this reason, personalization sometimes makes a good idea. Today, anything can be personalized. Many people enjoy giving monogrammed gifts. You too can offer a monogrammed baby shower present to the mom-to-be. If you want to focus more on practical baby items that she can use for her baby, you can have them monogrammed first before finally give them to her. You can add the baby’s name, date of birth, or even a short quote or poem if you don’t like the monogram idea.


3. Be a bit silly.

It’s always nice to see the mom-to-be laugh at gifts she opened. Get her something that she can use for her baby but amusing. You can buy her a set of funny baby pacifiers, or face masks to protect from stinky diapers. You can also add a funny greeting card to your gift that says something silly about the mom-to-be. A little embarrassment can sometimes make her laugh!


4. Pamper her.

Another creative baby shower gift suggestion would be something that can pamper the mother-to-be. You can make a gift basket that is filled with spa supplies, yoga CD, scented candles, aromatherapy products, and soap and bath products.


5. Surf the internet.

If you are a newbie and don’t have any idea about unique baby gifts, research online. There are many websites that can help you solve your problem. There are plenty of articles online that give tips and suggestions about all sort of baby shower gifts. There are also plenty of online stores that specialize in unique baby shower gifts as well as personalized baby items.


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