Favorite Baby Shower Favors

Favorite baby shower favors can be anything. You might raffle off the elaborate centerpiece at the end of the party or give each of the guests a personalized item marked with the day and year of the shower. Whatever type of favor you choose, it will serve as a lasting reminder to the guests of that special day.

They are small, thoughtful gifts offered to the guests as a thank you for attending the shower. If the games are planned, baby shower favors are usually offered as game prizes that some guests might win. Sometimes these ones integrate with the theme, but they don’t have to. It all depends upon the preference of the hostess.


Favorite Baby Shower Favor


Favorite Baby Shower Favor


Favorite Baby Shower Favor

Your imagination and creativity may have no limitations, but chances are your budget won’t. The favors can serve two purposes. If you plan right, you can use the favors as part of the decorations or as prizes in one of the games to save money.

Use a team to plan the such a shower, and have everyone pitch in an amount. Delegate tasks to individuals, and let them be in charge of that aspect of the event. One person can buy theme decorations, one can purchase baby shower favors or prizes.

Baby bottles filled with assorted candies make great balloon weights. They can also double as a baby shower centerpiece for tables. When the party is over, the guests can empty the contents into a take-home bag and give the bottles to the mommy-to-be.

If the mother plans to breastfeed, choose another type of weight, such as small packs of diapers. If you prefer, you can use these decorations for smaller tables and choose a larger baby shower centerpiece for the main table.

There are so many choices for baby shower favors that it is best to categorize them into four main groups: Edible, decorative, personalized, and pampering. A few examples of edible ones include baby socks filled with candies, baby pacifier lollipops, or baby feet gummies.

Personalized ones are items you can engrave or that have photos of the guests, like small picture frames with a group shot. Decorative and pampering choices include scented votive candles, soaps or candles shaped like ducks, bunnies, baby booties, or baby bottles. Any of these items serve well as baby shower decorations.

If you are using the favors as part of the decorations, as a baby shower centerpiece or placing them here and there to add color, wait until the end of the party to have guests take their gifts.

Spread the favors out on a table for each guest to choose one. Favorite baby shower favors are not a requirement for every shower, but they can serve as a nice remembrance of the celebration for the guests.

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