Footprint Baby Shower Invitation Design

A baby’s footprint speaks of everything – the tenderness, charm and innocence of a newborn. Whoever sees it thinks of these values. That is why it is one of the most popular themes used in occasions like baby showers. Here is a list of different ways you can use the baby’s footprint to decorate your invitation.


Footprint Baby Shower Invitation



Footprint Baby Shower Invitation



Footprint Baby Shower Invitation



Footprint Baby Shower Invitation



Footprint Baby Shower Invitation



Footprint Baby Shower Invitation


1. Printed:

One of the most common ways of using a footprint is printing it on the invitation. The main design could be a single foot or both the feet. As soon as your guests see the footprints, they will know it is an invitation to a baby shower. You can make the print stand out by coloring the footprint in a color complementary to that of the background or paper color.

The baby footprint silhouette can be used as the background to the text in the card too. In the silhouette form, outlines of the baby footprint are better than color filled. While outlining, one must mark only the sides and heels of the feet and the toe balls ( that is where the baby’s foot presses the ground).

One can use a number of small footprints as silhouette or main design to achieve an animated effect. You can decrease the footprint size as the trail moves to the rear ground from the foreground. This will make it look like a baby is walking across the page.

2. Embossed:

Embossing involves engraving the paper with a special tool to create an impression of relief or three-dimension on the paper. It is suggested that the manufacture of embossed invitations be left to professionals as special tools and skill is required.

An elegant mood is conveyed for the baby shower when embossed footprint invitations are used. Usually such invitations are monochromatic. This means that shades of the same color is used for the embossed design as well as the paper. But, for an extra fee, you can have the printer color only the raised portion of the footprint.

Though layout and design is similar to printed kind, it is better to use the embossed footprint as sparingly as possible for dramatic effect.


3. Stamped:

Rubber stamps are used widely in trade, business, politics and crafts and have been used for ages. The craft of rubber stamps is an extremely well established business and you will definitely find baby footprint rubber stamps in the market. These will be of varying designs and sizes. With rubber stamps you can stamp multiple or single prints that are inked in various colors.

The stamp can even be used as an approval seal or baby’s signature for a subdued effect to the party invitations. You can continue the theme of the invitations by using the stamps on the party napkins, game prizes and thank you cards for a synchronized effect.


4. Cutout:

You can also use baby footprint cutouts to design the invitations. This is an interesting and attractive idea as it does not conform to the conventional and boring 2″X4″ size of invitations. You can announce the party on the front of the cutout, and use the back for giving party and RSVP details.

You can place the baby footprint cutouts on floors, walls and pathways to continue the theme at the baby shower party. You can use the same cutouts for the thank you cards too to give a uniform look.

These are all simple ideas and you can use any of them to make your cute baby shower invitations with the signature footprint to allure your guests.

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