How to Make Baby Shower Candy Wrapper Favors

Baby shower candy wrapper favors are fun and easy to make, here are a few things you will need to begin with.

1. The candy and size. Using the smaller bite size candy is easier, like the chocolate bars and small packets of gum even.

2. Glue

3. Paper either sheets of paper in the color that you want the wrappers or pre-cut strips of paper.

4. Pens or markers.

When you start to make your baby shower candy wrapper favors, decide what you want to have on the wrapper.

Baby Shower Candy Wrapper


Baby Shower Candy Wrapper


Baby Shower Candy Wrapper


Baby Shower Candy Wrapper


Baby Shower Candy Wrapper

Do you want your name and the date of the baby shower? Or do you want your babies name if you have already picked one out? The candies are small, so you want to keep it simple and not have too much text to write out.

Next, remove the wrapper from the candy, but only the paper wrapper that has the name of the candy printed on it. Not the gold or silver aluminum wrapper underneath. Be careful when removing this wrapper since it may take the other cover with it. You also do not want to tear the gold or silver wrapper underneath.

If the paper you have is pre-cut strips then you will measure these around your candy. Carefully wrap them around so you can see where you may need to trim some paper away. You may want to mark lightly with a pencil where the edges are so you you know how much room you have on top.

However, if you are cutting your paper from sheets, then measure the top and sides of the candy. Then section your paper off in strips using a ruler. Allow a little extra room in case of mistakes. Cut your strips out of the paper and then cut the strips to the correct length. After that follow the same directions as above.

Now, write the information on the strips of paper. These will be the new baby shower candy wrappers that will go around the gold or silver aluminum that is still on the candy. Write the information lightly in pencil first and then go over it in pen or marker. Be sure to use a fine point tip and let the ink dry thoroughly before attaching to the candy. You do not want the words to smear or having the ink bleeding through to the other wrapper.

Once the ink is dry begin wrapping the candies in this new paper. Glue the first edge down with just a dot of glue onto the gold or silver wrapper and let dry. Now wrap the paper around and glue down onto of the edge you have already glued down. Let dry, do not over do it with the glue, since it is being glued to candy.

You can always buy these candies pre-printed if you do not want to make them or maybe you just do not have the time. There are many sites online that offer the service of making the wrappers for the candies.

Some companies will send you the candies with the wrappers to attach the wrappers yourself. Other companies will only send the wrappers and you buy the candy and attach them. While still other companies will complete the entire project for you. The baby shower candy wrapper favors are still personalized with your name or your babies name and the date of the baby shower. Most companies will actually personalize the candy wrapper with anything you want.

The nice thing about using a company is that many times they can add a picture to the wrapper as well that you could have done to match your baby shower theme.

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