Monkey Baby Shower Invitations

Having a monkey baby shower invitations and themed baby shower is a wonderful way to incorporate the modern appeal of the monkey design with the cutesy aspect of an animal or character. Your shower will have a cohesive theme as monkey themed shower products are readily available…and it all begins with the perfect invitation.

Choosing an invitation for your shower is the first step in solidifying a theme for the entire event. Remember that your invitation is the first glimpse guests get to see into how your baby shower is going to be. Not to mention that the invitation is possibly the first correspondence from the baby-to-be, as lot of baby shower invitation verse is written from “the baby”.


Monkey Baby Shower Invitations








If you decide to do a monkey theme for your shower, your monkey baby shower invitations can be gender specific or gender neutral.


The great thing about monkeys, are that they are not very gender specific unless you make them that way. A neutral brown monkey can be used for either of the sexes, and is completely ambiguous if you do not know the sex of the baby-to-be. Of course if you wanted to make the monkey more feminine, you could choose a monkey with a bow in her hair, or rosy cheeks and pink highlights.

Another way to choose a more gender specific monkey baby shower invitation is to capitalize on yet another hot trend right now which is pink or blue with chocolate brown. Having a monkey baby shower invitation will certainly provide the brown, and you can decide if you want pink or blue to give the invitation a specific gender feel as well as utilize the growing trend of the pink/blue and chocolate brown color scheme. Green can also be substituted for a more neutral invitation while still using the modern aspect of a color brown palate.

Baby Shower Invitation with Monkeys are easy to accompany your decorations and favors. You can play on the “going bananas” idea and utilize bananas are part of your decor, menu or favor selections. Another popular play on words for a monkey theme is the “monkey around” catch phrase. This give the shower a fun and light feel as well as prepare you for your little monkey-to-be who will be climbing, swinging and jumping for years to come.

Choosing a shower invitation can be hard, but if you are looking for a theme to incorporate into your shower, a monkey theme is a great place to start. Many children’s bedding and layette clothing are capitalizing on the monkey trend as well. This makes it easy to match the mother’s clothing and bedding choices with her shower. There are plenty of different monkeys to choose from sweet and cute to mischievous and wily. No matter which type of monkey baby invitation you choose, you can be sure that you are choosing a fun and modern theme that guests will enjoy and look forward to attending your baby shower.


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