Personalized Baby Shower Favors

Make your shower memorable by having personalized baby shower favors that each guest can take home with them as a memento and a keepsake of the special day. Showers are a time to celebrate a new life that is soon to begin and while baby and mom-to-be are usually the center of attention, guests always love to be able to take home baby shower favors that can be kept and displayed. If you have plans to host a shower, it is always a good idea to have some sort of personalized favors to give out. There are plenty of options when it comes to baby shower favors so it’s important that you’re able to decide on which ones best suit your needs.

Before choosing personalized baby shower favors it may be helpful to know what type of theme will be used.

Often times the personalized shower favors go along with the baby theme. For example a common baby shower theme is blue for a boy or pink for a girl. If the mom-to-be is expecting a girl, it’s ideal to be able to provide personalized favors that are pink and other girly colors. If the baby shower theme involves zoo animals, find a way to incorporate animals into the personalized favors you provide.


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Below are some possibilities for personalized favors. Remember that there are hundreds of items that can be personalized and handed out to those who attend the baby shower. Be sure that when personalizing the item you choose that you put the date of shower and other things such as the baby’s name and baby-related designs such as bottles, booties, cribs, toys, and others.

• Picture frames – Picture frames can be personalized with your baby shower information though you will find that a lot of stores offer pre-made picture frames to go along with various shower themes. Some are simply pastel colors while others go along with a common theme. Picture frames make for the perfect personalized favor because they are useful and are great memory keepers.

• Candles – Candles can be personalized in many different ways. Some people choose to have a label put on the candles as a way to remember the day while others buy candles that come in glass jars that can be etched and designed accordingly. Candles can be bought in all sorts of colors, shapes, and sizes, which mean your personalized favors will be unique.

• Candy – Candy has become a very popularly used personalized favor because everyone loves a sweet treat! If you want your shower to be remembered try to purchase candy that comes with something permanent such as a mint tin or a candy holder. Candy will allow your guests to enjoy something sweet while still remembering the special day. Candy can include mints, chocolate, lollipops, jelly beans and others.
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