Printable Baby Shower Invitation Cards

Some people may not like to use printable baby shower invitation cards to entice people to come to their shower, but they can be a great way for you to really personalize that invitation. You can make it really fits your style and what you want it to look like.

If you are not the mother-to-be, but you are a friend or family member who is planning it, that it is your call as to what to put on the invitations. You should consider the things that the mother-to-be would like put on them, as well as messages and wording used as well. There are plenty of things that you put on the baby shower invitations, but you need to use your imagination in order to figure them out.

If you are stumped as to what exactly to put on the printable baby shower invitation cards, look at the theme that you are planning it in.


If you are envisioning as a fun get together, they make invitations fun as well. This can get people more excited to come because they know they are going to have a good time. However, if it is going to be a more formal type of baby shower, you want invitations to reflect that as well. This should be reflected in the colors on the invitation, the lettering, and the wording you decide on.


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If you would like people who are going to be attending to bring a certain items for games, be sure to mention that on the invitations. This way there is no confusion as to what needs to be brought, and the guests can take their time guessing as to what you’ll be doing at the baby shower. Trying to figure out the games before is half the fun, while actually participating in them is the rest of it. Be sure that you mentioned that there will be games, as well as food.

A detail that would seem to be obvious, but some people seem to forget when planning out someone else’s baby shower, is to mention the name of the mother-to-be. While this was otherwise seem like a very obvious course of action, it is something so obvious that can just put that in your mind very easily. Make sure that is mentioned so that the people you send them to are confused as to what is going on.

Printable invitations are in no way inferior to any other type that you can get. As matter of fact, the fact that you can customize them is much you can make them superior in some ways as opposed to getting them professionally made.

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