Sports Baby Shower Invitations And Theme

Sports Baby Shower Invitations And Theme


A sports baby shower invitations and theme can be used whether the new baby will be a girl or a boy. A baby shower is just not for females anymore. There is a growing trend towards couple’s baby showers whereby both men and women can participate and enjoy the upcoming birth of a child. Such a gathering screams for a sports theme – it will sure be a homeroom hit. The shower can be centered around the parent’s favorite sports team or centered around their favorite sport such as basketball, baseball, softball, soccer or even tennis for a generic sports theme. As with any grand ideas for baby shower, you need to keep in mind all the planning such as invitations, decorations, food menu, games and party favorites.

Sports Baby Shower Invitations are no different from invitations for any other type of baby shower other than the presentation.

If you are using a generic theme, you can use invitations depicting balls, your favorite sports venue or sports idol. If your theme is your favorite College or Professional Team, you can use invitations depicting your favorite team’s colors, logo or mascot. You can even create an invitation depicting a game ticket as use it as an entry for a drawing or a contest at the baby shower itself.


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Decorations for a sports baby shower invitations and theme are easy and affordable. You can always find generic sports related streamers and balloons and match them with pastel colored table cloths and napkins. As for using our favorite sports team as your theme, you can use your favorite team’s colors and add the logo or mascot to table cloths and napkins through decals, stencil drawings or printed pictures to that you have matching décor.

As for the food menu, hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, dip and coke should be the game plan. You can compliment with veggie, fruit platters and nachos. As for dessert, you can get a cake decorated with a ball or field of play for a generic theme or in your favorite sports team’s colors. You can compliment with ice cream, the all American apple pie or chocolate chips cookies for that special touch.

Sports-related games such as trivia, sports board games or even console games fit in perfectly with this theme. You can also play simple outdoor games like frisbee, badminton or horseshoes. But make sure the expectant mother has a place to sit down and relax.

For gifts, why don’t you try giving out sports light switch covers and night lights? These lighting products will add a sense of class and unique style to your guest’s home décor. These come in both generic sports décor and with your favorite team’s colors and logo on them. You can also find small sports-themed accent lamps to use as prizes – for that guest whose entry invitation ticket you choose from the helmet or cap.

As you can see, a sports-themed couple’s baby shower is sure to be a homeroom with your guests and something everyone will enjoy. It will be a great start to your new champion’s life and will provide a lifetime of memories for you, as parents. Hence, remember, the first step is creating the sports baby shower invitations. If you have a twin, learn more tips about baby shower invitations for twins here.

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