Surprise Baby Shower Party Celebrations With Personalized Invitations

Hosting Surprise Baby Showers Party Celebration

Surprise baby showers can be a wonderful way to celebrate the impending birth of a new life in the life. However, you need to plan carefully and ensure the guest of honor suspects nothing. Here are a few things to consider when planning and hosting baby shower surprise.

Inviting Guests

First, you need to create a guest list for the party and begin sending out the shower invitations. That guest list should include both expecting parents’ families and friends. If anyone else is throwing a party, make sure you don’t both invite the same people. No one wants to buy multiple presents.


Surprise Baby Shower Party Celebrations


Surprise Baby Shower Party Celebrations


Surprise Baby Shower Party Celebrations


Surprise Baby Shower Party Celebrations


Surprise Baby Shower Party Celebrations


Surprise Baby Shower Party Celebrations


When you’re choosing the cards, make sure you pay attention to the wording for baby shower invitations. If you can find cards that already announce that the gathering is going to be a surprise, that’s great. Make sure that you clearly state in the cards that this is going to be a surprise; otherwise, some of the guests may end up ruining everything you’ve been planning.

Picking a Theme for the Baby Shower Surprise Party Celebrations

Whether you’re planning a surprise party or not, you need to think carefully about themes and make sure you choose one that will fun for the guests. One idea is to pick a cute, cuddly animal, such as a duck or a lamb, for your shower theme. Colors, such as pink or blue, can also be a great theme if the gender is already known.

If you’re interested in something more unique, consider planning the party around a holiday, a season, or an event. For example, a child who is going to be born around Independence Day might get a Fourth of July theme with red, white, and blue decorations, picnic style refreshments, and a backyard fireworks display for entertainment. Make sure you choose a theme for your shower that can be carried on through all of your preparations.

Shower Games

No event is complete without some baby shower games. However, this can be one of the more challenging parts of the baby surprise shower planning process. You want to pick games that will be fun but not overly challenging. One idea is to play a memory game. Place 20 items on a tray or table that is visible to all guests. These items might include powder, a diaper, a bottle brush, and similar products. Make sure to pick some ordinary products and some that are more unusual choices. Let the guests view the items for a few minutes, then take them away and ask guests to write down every item they remember. The guest with the best memory wins this game.

Another game idea is to do a matching game. For example, you could have your guests match the names of popular Disney characters with the names of their parents. You could also do a trivia contest with the guests using either child rearing related questions or with questions about the parents-to-be.

Games for your surprise baby shower party celebrations don’t have to be complicated but they should include prizes.

Good prizes don’t cost a great deal but are worth winning. Small gift certificates to coffee shops or restaurants are good choices. Regardless of what you give guests, the real reward will be the look on the face of the guest of honor when she steps into surprise baby showers.

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