Themes for Baby Showers

Creating unique themes for baby showers is a special gesture to show the mom-to-be how much you care. These types of showers require more effort than a theme you can get from a store so make sure you are up for the extra effort before committing yourself. These tips can help you to create your own unique baby shower theme.

Often the most difficult part of creating your own unique themes for baby showers is getting the perfect idea.


There are many places you can turn to for inspiration. Women’s and baby magazines are good places to start. Sometimes just looking through the pictures in these magazines can help you get a good idea. Writing down a list of all of mom-to-be’s favorites can be a good way to get inspiration. Think of her favorite foods, music, TV shows, movies, hobbies, and interests. Looking online at pictures of other people’s baby showers is another good way to get ideas. Write down all of the ideas you have before deciding on which one you will go with.


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Making Decorations

When you have original themes for baby showers, making your own decorations is almost always required. Your local craft store is a good place to get materials for making decorations. From poster board to floral arrangements, there are a variety of materials available at craft stores that will get you off to a good start. Posters in keeping with your theme also make great decorations. A search online should help you find a poster on almost any topic imaginable. One of the tricky things about making your own baby shower decorations is leaving yourself enough time to get them all done. Start them several weeks in advance of the shower with the goal of getting them done about a week before the shower date.

Planning and Preparation Time

Typically everything will take longer when you make your own themes for baby showers. You will have to create many items for the shower yourself like invitations and decorations rather than buying them pre-made from a store. Planning out the menu and finding or making the right cake will also take more time and creativity. Allow yourself enough time to get all of the planning and preparation work done in time. If you can, starting a couple of months before the shower date is best so you are able to get everything complete.

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