Twin Baby Shower and Twins Baby Shower Invitations | twin baby shower invitations

Twin Baby Shower and Twins Baby Shower Invitations


Online baby shoppes definitely offer a suggestion: twin baby shower invitations. When you are having a baby, the celebration is going to fantastic. What about when you are having two babies? If you’re the planner and determining the purpose baby shower, make sure you’re making some adjustments to ensure you’re having a twin baby shower. There are lots of ways to make sure the joyous news is included in the event. Of course, starting with the invites is just the beginning after you determine the type baby shower to have. Here are some other ideas.


Invites for the Special Shower

Having twins is going to require more of everything: diapers, bottles, and patience. That’s why it’s important to let guests of the shower know that you’re expecting multiple babies, and the best way to do that is with the twin baby shower invitations. Many sites carry a number of special shower invites just for such occasions. For example, many have some cards that show a stork bringing two babies to a new home, and cards depicting two precious babies in front of castle. On the latter card, you can even choose from cards illustrating two boys, two girls, or one of each gender. These cards are definitely going to be a great way to introduce the twin baby shower to the guests.

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Decorations for Baby Shower Type

Because the parents of twins are going to need so much in terms of supplies, having a diaper cake could be a great idea. If you’re not familiar with them, there are sites that do sell them and allow you to customize them. As the name suggests, these are cake-like structures made from diapers and ribbon. The diapers are reusable after the shower that can be a huge help for new parents. Plus, you can have the cake decorated with baby items, such as rattles, pacifiers, and baby bottles. Another idea for the twins baby shower is to have two of everything, including two real cakes, two types of ice creams, two different color themes, and more. In fact, the number two could even be your theme. You’ll probably find plenty of decorating possibilities in the birthday section.



After you start mailing the baby shower invitations for twins, you’ll probably want to begin brainstorming some ideas for games that would be appropriate for the twin theme. For starters, you could play a game where people have to identify famous twins, such as Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Another idea would be to ask questions about movies or television shows featuring twins, such as The Parent Trap or Escape to Witch Mountain. Since the babies will probably arrive early, you could have the guests choose a different date for their arrival. The guest who comes closest to guessing the actual birth date would win a prize. Be sure and plan the games around the baby coed shower or couples baby shower guests.



No Twin Baby Shower could be complete without gifts. Unfortunately for the guests, two babies are going to mean double the gifts. If the mother-to-be is registering somewhere, she should also remember this when selecting items. Although it’s not good etiquette to remind guests to purchase more than one of anything they buy, sending a specific baby invite for a twin baby shower will probably give them the hint.


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